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Skin Enhancer Soap

Help Eliminate Skin Problems

By Taking A Shower!


Botanical Skin Enhancer has been known to assist with problems of eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, and other skin irritations.

Help Skin Irritations?

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Psoriasis  Here are the thoughts of a psoriasis sufferer:

"Dear Don:  Thank you very much for the soap.  I use it every day.  One day during a conversation with my mother, she asked how my psoriasis was doing.  I showed her my arm.  It was red, swollen and full of thick scales.  I am covered head to toe with this skin disease and we commented on how well it does in the summer and I said it is because of the salt water.  Then I said I was thinking of doing a seaweed wrap again.  She looked at me and said, "hold on"!  She said, "I think I have something that will help you"!  She came downstairs with your Skin Enhancer Soap and said shyly that she bought it to lose weight, but she figured that I needed it more.  I was pretty depressed once again over the psoriasis.

So I tried the soap.  What it does for me is penetrate the scales and they come off!  I leave the soap on for three minutes.  I also use a loofah to gently rub the scales off.  The medicine (Colbetasol ointment) could now get into the bottom layer and since then I have cleared up almost entirely.  This is the best I have been in 9 years!  My spirits have picked up and my depression has lifted!

I think that it needs to be known to the psoriasis sufferers that the soap did itch me (only on the psoriasis patches), but I never had an allergic reaction and now it does not itch at all!

I firmly believe in the Skin Enhancer Soap because for two weeks before I was to use the Colbetasol, I was just using the soap and I saw huge improvements.  I cannot say enough for your product.  I truly believe this is the answer to many years of prayer.  The soap descales my skin and it is like your own personal ocean and then it lets the medicine go to work.  I am excited about this soap.  I've told my support group."

Many thanks.

Julia Sterczela

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This type of soap has been tested through the centuries and provides a gentle skin-softening effect.  Skin Enhancer Soap contains a homeopathic blend of trace elements, vitamins, and minerals derived from the sea which penetrate the skin.  In using the soap, you will enjoy a superb skin treatment, lots of lather, and a delightful fragrance!

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My husband and I have owned and operated a Salon in Virginia Beach for more than twenty years, and are not easily impressed by all the products that are presented to us by the many salesmen we see.  I was naturally skeptical when Bill suggested to me, that a bar of Skin Enhancer Soap could help clear up eczema, but I bought one for my 12 year old granddaughter anyway.  She has suffered with eczema since she was a baby, and has been treated by a dermatologist, a naturopath, and every other over-the-counter remedy we could find, to no real avail.  She tried the Skin Enhancer Soap and was thrilled when her skin showed a marked improvement, after her first bath!  Needless to say, we are all delighted!  I am writing this letter in hope that other people who suffer with eczema will try a bar, and get the same relief as my granddaughter.

Lois Pfeufer of A & L Hair Garden, Virginia Beach, Va. (757) 340-1805        



I am the owner of Bobbie's Hair Place.  My salon is located at 846 Providence Road in Chesapeake, Virginia at the intersection of Sparrow Road and Providence Road.  As the owner of the salon of 11 years, I've had a lot of sales people come by trying to sell me everything.  Sometimes you try things and sometimes you don't.  One of my favorite salesmen is Beach Bill.  About 2 months ago he brought in a bar of soap called Skin Enhancer.  I said OK I'd try a bar.  I showered with it every time and believe it or not it actually toned and cleared up my dry skin.  I have a fair skinned daughter with mild eczema, I used it on her and it completely cleared it up.  I believe in this soap so much I bought him out of stock.  I guarantee you won't regret buying a bar, stop by or call 757-424-0839.

Thank you Beach Bill for your miracle soap.

Reported by Karen Patterson         



Pricing for the Skin Enhancer Soap is $9.95 plus shipping/handling of $4.95.

Order 4 or more bars and shipping is free.   


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