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Fortified with Seaweed Extract


The major benefit of the soap is helping with weight loss.  Smoothing skin, loosing inches and removed cellulite.  Other ways it has helped users is with eczema, psoriasis, acne and fine lines.

The soap is made in China under strict regulation.  There have been many medical tests of the soap.  The company owns the worldwide patent on this (one of a kind) seaweed fortified soap.  It employs seaweed over ten types of extracts made from natural plants.


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The Chinese say they have been doing it for years with Slimming Soap.  In addition, the Japanese swear by it and purchased 28 million bars in one year.  Reported by American Journal and Hard Copy's TV programs, and in the Weekly World News and the Wall Street Journal, Slimming Soap is now sweeping America.  Hard Copy reported that 85% of the users of Slimming Soap in Japan lost pounds and inches.  Additionally, a Universal Press Syndicate Column of Chuck Shepard of St. Petersburg, FL, reported that according to the Preventative Medicine Society, these patented soaps remove body fat in 76% of the cases.  The Chinese claim that the Slimming Soap is a unique natural soap made from a rare deep seaweed reported to have deep penetrating and fat emulsifying properties.  Seaweed soaps have been tested through the centuries and provide a gently skin-softening effect, but the unique qualities that have made the Slimming Soap so popular in the orient are it's fat removal properties.  It contains a homeopathic blend of trace elements, vitamins, and minerals derived from the sea which penetrate the skin by osmosis and result in the loss of stored subcutaneous body fat.  When used in addition to your weight reduction program, it may shorten the time it takes to reach your weight goal.  In the process, you will enjoy a superb skin treatment and a delightful fragrance!

Research Findings.  A group of 110 men and women who volunteered to use the soap participated in a hospital study and were clinically observed over a 70-90 day period.  The total effective rate for weight loss was an outstanding 92%!  The average weight loss of the participants was 5 pounds!  27.5% reported 3 inches lost from the abdomen and buttocks.  56.5% reported 2-3 inches lost from the abdomen and buttocks.  The remaining group fell in the 1-2 inch range.  While to some this may not seem like a monumental amount, it is worth looking at because the participants lost the weight and inches through the use of the soap alone with no other diet plan.

How Does Slimming Soap Work?

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The Chinese believe that the extract from the deep seaweed soap has special penetrating and emulsifying properties that allow it to penetrate the skin by osmosis and react with the fat deposits that are directly stored beneath the skin and make them blood soluble.  The blood flowing into this area picks up the emulsified fat deposits and flushes them out of the body resulting in the loss of body fat in the areas where the soap is applied.  Others say that the main component of fat cells is water and seaweed extracts dehydrate the cells, thereby shrinking their appearance, while simultaneously firming them. 

An article published in an issue of "New Woman" about seaweed, written by Clare Cannon, titled "Sea of Life, Come and Explore Beauty Secrets from the Deep", stated, "according to seaweed supporters, no other product can stimulate circulation or nourish and hydrate the skin like seaweed".  It is also said to be an antioxidant, a body firmer, a detoxifier and provider of sun protection.  Slimming Soap is loved for its rich lather and ability to improve dry, scaly, skin conditions.  Lose those pounds and inches and finally keep them off!  When you drop a dress size or two, you'll be glad you did.  Slimming Soap is safe, easy, effective and its smells wonderful!

Additional Benefits

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Obesity contributes to high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attacks.  The clinical studies conducted with the Slimming Soap prove its effectiveness in weight reduction and therefore the benefits of Slimming Soap become far reaching.  Not only will you look your best and have more energy, but it may deter health complications that could be life altering.  The benefits are endless.  It just doesn't get any easier than this!

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My name is Maneva and I am a hair stylist at Bobbie's Hair Place.  I am writing to share my experience of using the Slimming Soap.  We also offer this product to our customers.  Beach Bill introduced me to this product and I would like people to know it works!  The soap is great, not only does it really slim, but it softens your skin as well.  After only using it for two weeks, my husband remarked how soft my skin was.  The most exciting thing is I have gone down two dress sizes!  I went from a size 8 to a size 4.  My skin appears more toned also.  I am on my third bar.  They last about a month.  Follow the instructions and the soap will prove itself.  Thanks Beach Bill!

Maneva of Chesapeake, Virginia  (757) 424-0839


The distributor of the Slimming Soap placed an ad in the publication I work for and I asked him about the product.  He related the benefits of the soap and I decided to purchase a bar.  It came with instructions to drink water after using and to expose your problem areas to very hot water for five minutes and then use the soap.  I am so busy that I don't have time to do anything but take a quick shower in the morning so I cut some corners.  I merely stand under the shower, get wet and then use a loofah to scrub my thighs, hips and bottom with the soap.  I leave the suds on those areas while I wash other parts of my body with regular soap.  I was amazed at the results of this product.  My fat pockets on my outer thighs have virtually disappeared and my cellulite is greatly reduced.  It also leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.  I have tried other, much more expensive products for cellulite control but none have worked as well as this soap.  I have even tried spot toning to reduce the fat pockets but no exercise has made my fat pockets disappear like this soap!  One additional perk with this soap is that it is long lasting.  I have been using the same bar for almost 2 months and I still have about a quarter of a bar left!  It really lathers well, also.

Sylvia of Norfolk, Va.  Age 47


I was apprehensive to use a weight loss soap at first, but after a few uses, my thighs felt more compact, and after repeated usage, my cellulite began to shrink.

Carol Wright of West Beach Tanning & Nails, Norfolk, Virginia  (757) 583-3483


This is the new way to lose weight that is sweeping the nation..

Reported by "Hard Copy TV"              

I'm 87 years old and haven't been able to get around much anymore.  I was very skeptical at first about Slimming Soap but thought that I would give it a try anyway and started losing weight right away.  In just 3 weeks, I had lost a total of 18 pounds and the only thing I did was use the soap.  I feel great and my husband is excited for me.

A Great Grandmother from Montana             

A client of mine operated a weight loss clinic and they were doing a study with Slimming Soap.  Everyone in the group quit dieting and exercising so I thought this was the type of program for me.  After joining the group, I lost 10 1/2 inches overall after using only 2 bars of soap.  I lost 2 inches on each of my arms and thighs, and 2 1/2 inches from my waist.  I dropped a dress size and lost a fat deposit from my hip that I had been carrying around for 15 years.  I love the Slimming Soap!

Attorney from New Orleans             

I have tried body wraps costing $60-$80, cellulite removing creams and all types of products but nothing compares to the results that I have from only a few bars of Slimming Soap.  I lost inches and went from a size 13-14 dress to size 7 in three months.  The clothes I am wearing now have been in storage for 3 years and the cellulite on my legs is gone.  I really love the Slimming Soap!

Store Manager from Seattle             

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