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The all-natural Botanical Aid and Repellant Spray


Repel mosquitoes and soothe jellyfish stings!

With Beach Glow's all natural

Botanical Aid & Repellent Spray


People are saying, "It's like having an Herbal medicine cabinet in a bottle."  One customer even said that "Every Mother should own a bottle."  "It does everything but make coffee" jokes Beach Bill.

Beach Glow has been featured on the local CBS news channel, WTKR, and many local and regional newspaper and magazine articles have written about it.

It can be helpful in the following matters:


Repelling mosquitoes, soothing jellyfish stings, & burns.


Can be used as a leave-in conditioner for fuller, shinier-looking hair.


It is a great styling aid and a pre-wrap for perms.


It puts life back into old perms.  Use before color services.


After bath or shower, spray generously on face & body.


Can be used on bare skin or sprayed over makeup to set & keep fresh.


Use on animals to help repel fleas & ease skin irritations.  Also puts a shine on coat.


Use before shaving to soften beard and after shaving to soothe skin.


Use on babies to help diaper & heat rash.


Promotes even tanning and helps maintain a tan by preventing peeling.

Key Benefits

bulletImmediate Relief  from Jellyfish Stings
bulletRepels Mosquitoes
bulletAll Natural Hair Conditioner

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